Drummer. Vegan. Professional nerd.
This site consists mostly of things I find on the internet, or vegan meals that I enjoy. Every so often I will share a personal story.
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When you don’t turn your PS3 on for over a year… The updates for every single thing you want to play keeps you from playing for another solid year. (at Castle Lexington)

Helping the brother move.

OK, I’m out and about in San Jose. Help me stay sane people.

Look, I don’t care how lovesick I get, if any of you catch me listening to Bright Eyes, you have my permission to kill me.

Still fucking awful. #timehop

Gashed a few fingers whilst cleaning my French press. The glass shattered and took a bite out of me. A small price to pay for good coffee. 💉☕️


I told myself I wouldn’t take pictures of my meals like every other person on IG, but I made this killer pizza last night. It was incredible. #vegan #pizza

No car no care.