Drummer. Vegan. Professional nerd.
This site consists mostly of things I find on the internet, or vegan meals that I enjoy. Every so often I will share a personal story.
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4 years ago I said my goodbyes to Maryland. One of the best decisions I ever made. #timehop

Hi. I’m an adult. This is what the kids call a “Selfie”. Please confirm that I’ve participated in this craze correctly. Thank you. #👴 (at Casa De Tracy)

This rules so hard.

"Hey hey hey, how many more belly rubs you think I could get before you leave for work?" #bulldog #bulldogsofig #puppy #puppies

Stoked to try this. #food

Dave and I are downtown tonight. Who’s out and about?

"Hey… You gonna touch me or nah?" #bulldog #bulldogsofig #puppy #puppies

I miss bands like Textbook Traitors and Orchid. Any new bands like them that you guys know of? Like Ampere and such.

Heartless by Converge is not only one of the best Converge songs, it’s one of the best songs in heavy music.

As soon as I get home he wants to be in my lap. This is gonna be a problem when he gets older… #puppy #puppies #bulldog #bulldogsofig